Get laid within a week with the super powerful pendant blessed by the mantras and prayers of Kamdev.


Who is Kamadeva?

Kamadeva is the hindu god of human love and passion who is known to evoke carnal desires among humans. Etymylogically, Kama means sensual desire and Deva means god. It is believed that blessings of Kamadeva bring all carnal desires come true. He is mentioned in Hindu scriptures such as Rig Veda, Atharva Veda and the Puranas.

The deity of Kamadeva along with his consort Rati is included in the pantheon of Vedic-Brahmanical deities such as Shiva and Parvati. In Hindu traditions for the marriage ceremony itself, the bride’s feet are often painted with pictures of Suka, the parrot vahana of Kamadeva.
The religious rituals addressed to him offer a means of purification and re-entry into the community. Devotion to Kamadeva keeps desire within the framework of the religious tradition.Kamadeva appears in many stories and becomes the object of devotional rituals for those seeking health, physical beauty, husbands, wives, and sons. In one story Kamadeva himself succumbs to desire, and must then worship his lover in order to be released from this passion and its curse.

Kaamadeva & Rati, Tamil Nadu

Kamadeva Temple Solapur


Kamdev Statue, Kerala

Madan kamadeva Temple

The Kamdev Mantra

This is the powerful kaamdev spell/mantra. Written in Sanskrit, this mantra makes all carnal desires come true. 

How the Mantra comes to Life?

The pendant printed with The Mantra is dipped in holy water. Then on the auspicious night of Poornima(Full Moon), a Pundit chants The Mantra 7001 times with the pendant in his hand. The next morning food and sweets are offered to Kaamdev in a temple.

After that anybody who wears the pendant becomes irresistable to the opposite sex.


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